Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Benefits Does A Travel Agent Enjoy By Using Axis's Travel Products?

Since the inception of their business Axis Softech has held a noble vision of transforming the travel and tourism business thereby giving them a global exposure. Gone are the days when people used to visit the travel agents office and have hours of discussions regarding a trip? Everything happens in a matter of few clicks and therefore people do not spare much time for this. But since they are paying a huge sum of money thus they need top quality service and there is no room for any error. When you are directly dealing with the people and their money you need to be cautious and careful. Here comes the usefulness of an online business. While conducting online transaction every choice that the customer makes starting from a hotel room to the type of cab that they want to hire, everything is recorded and there is no way that the data will get lost unless a major mishap happens.

Axis Softech private limited helps in this part of your business. Axis Softech provides you with products that supplies a whole website integrated with all the necessary APIs. The total system can be installed and your business can be brought online in mere 3 days. Be it car booking or hotel booking or any other stuff necessary for a trip, you as a travel agent no more need to shop for separate APIs and pay for them. Axis Softech products come with the entire major in-demand APIs thereby saving a lot of your money. They give best fare and best commission in the industry. They provide 24 X 7 support and never compromises with the quality of the product delivered. Though they have a readymade product yet they instill such unique qualities in them that it becomes exclusive for that particular travel company. All the products are provided in best of the prices and are designed in such a way that every customer may find them pocket friendly and thus could avail them.

You as a customer can also find variations in the products such as they provide API integrated nine ranges of travel portal products. Five different types of support systems including 24 X 7 booking support system are also available at Axis Softech. Having in house employees with vas experience in this field is an added advantage for this company. They have been in the market and analyzing it for a long time and therefore produce the best quality products that are able to combat all the difficulties that may rise in travel and tourism business.

With the combination of experience and knowledge Axis Softech has been successful in designing online travel portals for all types of business say B2B, B2C, B2E, CMS and CRM.  Till date over 70 travel and tourism companies have availed the service of Axis Softech and bought their products. Keeping the requirements of the customers in mind, Axis Softech can customize the products so well that no one can complain.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/what-benefits-does-a-travel-agent-enjoy-by-using-axiss-travel-products/

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