Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Axis's Flagship Product Called SAFARI Is Solving Day To Day Problems of Travel Agents

Travel and tourism industry is the most flourishing industry in present times. The government is also supporting many causes of this field since increased tourism means better revenue. With so much opportunity what you mostly need to do is take the business online and present yourself to more and more customers. People certainly opt for a few clicks rather than standing in a queue for hours without any success. Time is limited and therefore is very scarce to spare. Today, travel agents all across the country are getting online since apart from getting a larger platform it is easier to manage business this way. No data about a customer is lost or ignored. You can have better analysis about the preferences that people generally make when they are planning a trip and provide services likewise. But only owning an online travel website and having a user friendly application is no more enough. A tourism business includes managing a lot of things together and as a travel agent you are ought to have multiple requirements at the same time. Here comes SAFARI to your rescue.

SAFARI is Axis Softech’s flagship product that is solving the day to day problem of travel agents. Axis Safari is a readymade website application integrated in a robust structure with all the required API’s for travel business. It helps to upgrade your travel and tourism business to the next level and that too in no time. Given 3-5 working days the whole website can be set and your business can be made online in a jiffy. There are different readymade API based travel products available with Axis Softech that people have used overtime and benefitted from them.

Some of these products are Axis safari hotel-o-shop, Axis safari aero, Axis safari special, Axis safari standard, Axis safari MID, Axis safari advance, Axis safari ultra, Axis safari B2B and Axis safari B2E etc. The readymade and customized tour products are all users friendly yet bear a unique touch representing your business house exclusively.

These safari products are sure money makers and have all the solution to any problem that can arise in tourism business. Be it booking a hotel or transport or any other facility, every problem has been addressed in the above mentioned software solutions. The remarkable thing about this Axis Safari product is you get all the needed APIs together without having to invest for them separately. It is a one stop for all the required APIs and therefore is cheaper.

Registered in 2005 it has been almost 11 years in market for Axis Softech. They have all the required knowledge and experience that have helped them to become what they are today. Axis Softech has provided service through their safari product to many travel giants like Yatra, Ease My Trip, Riya Travels, Oberoi, AVIS and Escort Group of Companies. All of them have made huge profit in their business and credit goes to the SAFARI product that has been their lifesaver.


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