Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Importance of Travel Agency Booking Engine for Travel Agents

Information technology has penetrated in almost all space of our lives and greatly revolutionized of our working nature. Now we cannot finish our works without computer/laptop/ mobile using internet. Travel business also cannot travels without a device connected with internet. Internet booking engine (IBE) has great role in booking online tickets for travelers. Internet booking engine or Travel agency Booking Engine allows the passengers to enquire about the information related to travel like destination, arrival, departure, fare, etc. Once the IBE receives the data it will provide a list of available seats, hotels, cars, etc. After getting required information he/she can able to book.

IBE is installed on the homepage of an airline so that customers could access easily. As soon as customers put their enquiry, it contacts the GDS or CRS to get relevant data to show the users in appropriate interface. A Global Distribution System is network operated by a company that enables automated transaction between travel agencies and travel service providers (like airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc). On the other hand CRS (computer reservation system) is a reservation system provided by the service provides.

Axis Softech offers a travel agency booking engine which provides easy and updated solutions to your problems related to travels. Our service promises to fulfill your travelling requirements like booking of air tickets, car booking, etc. Our travel agent software is completely reliable as far as performance and security are concerned. We provide highly integrated business information systems for tour management companies and travel agencies. Axis Softech is right choice to bring desired and updated change in the functioning and development process of a travel agency.

Our Travel agency booking engine will instantly benefit to those travel website which are engaged in promoting hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses, etc. The company provides candid services of Hotel API integration along with Hotel Booking Engine by providing a consolidated online travel portal with hotel engine and hotel booking system to its customers. Hotel Booking service is one of the highly profitable businesses for a travel agency. The B2C hotel service is more profitable than B2B hotel service. We can offer you both net and gross hotel suppliers. A net supplier provides you possibility to control your gross and mark up rates, redistribute products over agent network to earn handsome percentage in each booking.

Flight booking Engine is an integral part of travel web portal which facilitate the tourists to book online air tickets. Axis Softech has a developed a unique module of multi layered flight API integration within its products where the company does flight xml integration with its products to provide a world class supply system to its customers.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/importance-travel-agency-booking-engine-agents-raman-kumar

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