Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel Portal with Flight Booking System Developed By Axissoftech

Airline Reservation System

Airline Reservation system (ARS) very often put many questions in our mind like when, how, where, etc; for this we have to peep in its history. It was in 1952, the first electronic reservation system Magnetronic Reservisor was introduced which included temporary storage based on magnetic drum. Later American Airlines with collaboration of IBM developed an idea of automated airlines system and thus in 1959 Sabre (semi-automated business research environment) was launched and it was completed in1964 and became the largest civil data processing system in the world. Sabre was accessible to agents throughout the world and its capability to keep correct inventory in real time was phenomenal. After the deregulation of Airline Industry in 1978, ARS became more important to travel industry.

Airline Reservation System is an important part of the passenger service systems (PSS) which ultimately developed into computer reservation system (CRS). This system is used by an airline and integrated with a GDS which supports the travel agencies and other distribution channels in taking reservations for most major airlines in a single system. It stores airline schedules; fare tariffs passenger reservations and ticket records. Direct Distribution channel of an airline works in two ways-first for its own reservation system and second for forwarding data to the GDS. The second type of direct distribution channel is for customers who take reservation on internet or on mobile apps. Travel agencies and other indirect distribution channels access the same GDS as access by airline reservation systems.

In pre-deregulation period each airline had its own reservation system with travel agents as subscriber but now, the GDS is run independently and their major subscribers are airlines and travel agencies. There are only four major GDS in market- Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and World span. They provide access on both B2B and B2C platforms and exposure to global inventories of airlines hotels, cars and buses.   Other than these standardized GDS some airlines use proprietary versions to run their flight operation e.g. Deltamatic, etc. SITA reservations system is largest independent multi-host passenger management system having 100 plus airlines in the world. 

Our company Axis Softech develops Airline Reservation Systems working with airlines, GDS system and flight consolidators. The key points of the success of this system are- round the clock availability, multiple displays, maximum user’s engagement and dynamic packing. We have also integrated many GDS, hotel consolidators, cruise consolidators and car consolidators successfully.

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