Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Benefits Does A Travel Agent Enjoy By Using Axis's Travel Products?

Since the inception of their business Axis Softech has held a noble vision of transforming the travel and tourism business thereby giving them a global exposure. Gone are the days when people used to visit the travel agents office and have hours of discussions regarding a trip? Everything happens in a matter of few clicks and therefore people do not spare much time for this. But since they are paying a huge sum of money thus they need top quality service and there is no room for any error. When you are directly dealing with the people and their money you need to be cautious and careful. Here comes the usefulness of an online business. While conducting online transaction every choice that the customer makes starting from a hotel room to the type of cab that they want to hire, everything is recorded and there is no way that the data will get lost unless a major mishap happens.

Axis Softech private limited helps in this part of your business. Axis Softech provides you with products that supplies a whole website integrated with all the necessary APIs. The total system can be installed and your business can be brought online in mere 3 days. Be it car booking or hotel booking or any other stuff necessary for a trip, you as a travel agent no more need to shop for separate APIs and pay for them. Axis Softech products come with the entire major in-demand APIs thereby saving a lot of your money. They give best fare and best commission in the industry. They provide 24 X 7 support and never compromises with the quality of the product delivered. Though they have a readymade product yet they instill such unique qualities in them that it becomes exclusive for that particular travel company. All the products are provided in best of the prices and are designed in such a way that every customer may find them pocket friendly and thus could avail them.

You as a customer can also find variations in the products such as they provide API integrated nine ranges of travel portal products. Five different types of support systems including 24 X 7 booking support system are also available at Axis Softech. Having in house employees with vas experience in this field is an added advantage for this company. They have been in the market and analyzing it for a long time and therefore produce the best quality products that are able to combat all the difficulties that may rise in travel and tourism business.

With the combination of experience and knowledge Axis Softech has been successful in designing online travel portals for all types of business say B2B, B2C, B2E, CMS and CRM.  Till date over 70 travel and tourism companies have availed the service of Axis Softech and bought their products. Keeping the requirements of the customers in mind, Axis Softech can customize the products so well that no one can complain.

Source: http://www.axissoftech.com/blog/what-benefits-does-a-travel-agent-enjoy-by-using-axiss-travel-products/

Sunday, February 26, 2017

How Axis has evolved as one of most important Travel Aggregator

Though computer was invented ages ago yet in our country 100% population has not been introduced to this wonderful invention of mankind. And even if you are well acquainted with the usage of the machine it is not necessary that you will be an expert in the field. It is not possible to be so unless you have received proper education in the particular field. Therefore, whenever in need of any help or assistance you need to visit an expert. Axis Softech is always present with their helping hands extended towards your.
Axis Softech is an online travel portal development company. They help the budding as well as old travel agencies and travel agents to set up their business online thereby making a way for more profit. With the busy lives that people lead today it is not possible for all to spare hours and plan a trip then making the necessary arrangements. Also with increasing customer base the travel agents to find it difficult to manage business if for every customer they have physically visit the railways station or bus station or hotels for making the necessary arrangements. Today every job is completed with a few clicks and therefore getting the business online and managing it online is very much essential for a travel agency who wants to make progress and grow their business.
Now to handle a travel agency job is not easy. You need fine APIs for hotel booking, cab booking, flight booking etc. Being a novice you might not know the necessary details. So whenever you go to an expert he/she will give you a list of number of different places where these things are available. Going in this path setting up a website will cost you way more money that it actually should. That is not the case in Axis Softech.
Axis Softech has developed a product called SAFARI. It is a web application with robust server supporting structure and number of APIs integrated together. There is no need to invest for separate APIs. If you buy the product the company experts will install some unique features in the product thereby making it exclusive for your company and set it up for you in merely 3 working days. Even after installation and deployment they provide 24 X 7 support service. Due to their efficient service and supportive nature Axis Softech has got the opportunity to work for big Travel giants who have trusted Axis Softech with the job of designing a user friendly and attractive portal for their company. With time and with the help of knowledge and experience Axis Softech has managed to become one of the most renowned names who develop online travel portals.
Here you get all the necessary services and products under the SAFARI tagline in Axis Softech. It is a one stop shop for all your requirements and therefore acts as one of the most important travel aggregators who have helped and supported many.

Friday, February 24, 2017

How Axis Is Making Lives Of Travel Agents Easy And Joyous?

Being a travel agent is itself a very hectic job. In this profession one needs to directly interact with people, handle their money, understand their requirements and provide service likewise. Be it planning a trip or booking a hotel or booking a flight, everything has to be done keeping the safety and security of the passengers in mind. Their preference gets the first priority and a good travel agent is one who has all sorts of options for every service possible in travel and tourism business. The customers should get a chance to look through the variety and then choose. In earlier days when technology was not so up to the mark travel agents used to personally visit the railways station or airport to book tickets. Variations had major limitations. But today it is no more the case. With the involvement of computer people today can make all arrangements of a trip right from their home or from their office. Much less time is needed and more options are available. So as a travel agent one too needs to upgrade themselves and their business. Having an online travel portal is a must if you are involving in a travel agency business today. As a businessman you will get a wider platform and will be able to reach out to more and more people. Profit will be high and it will be really easy to manage business as there is less scope for any error to occur or a data to get lost.

Axis Softech helps you through this journey taking your budding business to new heights. They are an online travel portal development company. They have designed a product called Axis SAFARI which has been a huge hit among the customers. It is a one stop shop for all that you may need to set up a travel portal. Axis Softech has worked for many travel giants and therefore have gained a huge customer base. Business houses trust the efficiency and integrity of this company. The true assets of Axis Softech are their employees. The employees are very hardworking and passionate to help travel agents to set up their business thereby making their lives easy and joyous. They have different types of products in their shelves like B2B, B2C and B2E. Axis Softech always keep in mind that all travel agencies are not of the same scale and therefore they design products that are affordable by all. The products are pocket friendly and cheap.

The products can be installed and the whole business comes live with a working payment gateway within merely 5 days. So the process is quick. Buying one product you get all the necessary APIs and a robust server system to manage your business. They not only provide the product but also provide 24 X 7 customer support even after selling the product. They give best fare and best commission in industry. Take their service and enjoy a successful business.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Importance of Travel Agency Booking Engine for Travel Agents

Information technology has penetrated in almost all space of our lives and greatly revolutionized of our working nature. Now we cannot finish our works without computer/laptop/ mobile using internet. Travel business also cannot travels without a device connected with internet. Internet booking engine (IBE) has great role in booking online tickets for travelers. Internet booking engine or Travel agency Booking Engine allows the passengers to enquire about the information related to travel like destination, arrival, departure, fare, etc. Once the IBE receives the data it will provide a list of available seats, hotels, cars, etc. After getting required information he/she can able to book.

IBE is installed on the homepage of an airline so that customers could access easily. As soon as customers put their enquiry, it contacts the GDS or CRS to get relevant data to show the users in appropriate interface. A Global Distribution System is network operated by a company that enables automated transaction between travel agencies and travel service providers (like airlines, hotels, car rentals, etc). On the other hand CRS (computer reservation system) is a reservation system provided by the service provides.

Axis Softech offers a travel agency booking engine which provides easy and updated solutions to your problems related to travels. Our service promises to fulfill your travelling requirements like booking of air tickets, car booking, etc. Our travel agent software is completely reliable as far as performance and security are concerned. We provide highly integrated business information systems for tour management companies and travel agencies. Axis Softech is right choice to bring desired and updated change in the functioning and development process of a travel agency.

Our Travel agency booking engine will instantly benefit to those travel website which are engaged in promoting hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses, etc. The company provides candid services of Hotel API integration along with Hotel Booking Engine by providing a consolidated online travel portal with hotel engine and hotel booking system to its customers. Hotel Booking service is one of the highly profitable businesses for a travel agency. The B2C hotel service is more profitable than B2B hotel service. We can offer you both net and gross hotel suppliers. A net supplier provides you possibility to control your gross and mark up rates, redistribute products over agent network to earn handsome percentage in each booking.

Flight booking Engine is an integral part of travel web portal which facilitate the tourists to book online air tickets. Axis Softech has a developed a unique module of multi layered flight API integration within its products where the company does flight xml integration with its products to provide a world class supply system to its customers.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/importance-travel-agency-booking-engine-agents-raman-kumar

Monday, February 20, 2017

How 100s of Travel Agents Make Axis Safari Products a Big Success

Going digital all over the world the tourism industry is probably the one which needs the maximum exposure. More and more people are seeking employment in this industry owing to the fact that it gives rise to revenue in magnificent scale. Day by day as more and more people are planning trips in the country as well as abroad this industry is growing and it is believed that seeking employment in this field ensures a bright future. But one needs to be updating you to progress. Similarly if you are a travel agent then today to reach maximum customers you have to get your business online. With advancement in science and technology people no more go out of their houses and spend much time for making bookings and other stuff necessary for a trip. Every issue can be handled online. One just needs to specify their requirements and in a few clicks the job is done. The payments too are done online and are absolutely safe. The credentials of individual are kept secret and privacy of the customers is of utmost interest for the travel companies.

 Standing here one should own an attractive and highly developed travel booking website for his/her tour and travel business. This way not only they can reach out to more and more people but also can manage the business with ease. There is very slight chance that any data of a customer may be lost. Though the whole transaction is done online yet the pictures and videos of the sites to be visited and the hotels where the booking is to be made makes sure the customers pay for what they want.

Axis Softech has dedicated them in helping small and big travel and tourism business houses to bring forth their business online. Incidentally Axis Softech owns a product called Axis SAFARI which is used by 100s of travel agents and they are achieving the height of success using this product. Being able to set up and bring your business online in the shortest period possible of 3 days Axis SAFARI is of high demand in the market. There are many Axis SAFARI products like Axis safari hotel- o-shop, Axis safari Aero, Axis safari special, Axis safari standard, Axis safari mid, Axis safari advance, Axis safari ultra, Axis safari B2B and Axis safari B2E etc. As the name suggests all these products serve multiple purposes that pose to be useful for the customers.

Over 11 years Axis Softech is providing their dedicated service for the growth of travel agents from different part of the country. They have team of professionals who are hard working and efficient. Their efficiency is reflected in the fact that Axis Softech has worked for some of the travel giants like Yatra, Ease My Trip, Riya Travels, Oberoi, AVIS and Escort Group of Companies. The competence of the company is unquestionable and they are trustworthy. Taking the help of Axis softech’s SAFARI product profit and success is guaranteed.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-100s-travel-agents-make-axis-safari-products-big-success-kumar

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Travel Agents Make Money Using Axis Softech's Travel Products

A huge percentage of modern business is dependent on online marketing today. Most of the business houses from all fields are coming online in an increasing rate day by day. Today, having a smooth working user friendly website is as important as having a magnificent and spectacular office. From grocery to medicine to dress shopping; everything is done online. Similarly, different services are offered online like cab booking, bill payment, movie ticket booking etc that has made our lives easier. But it needs some smart decisions on the company’s part that is conducting the business to set up an online travel portal and get your business to a new height. With all other business fields, travel and tourism industry too is getting online and more so because it gives them a larger platform.

As a travel agent or a business house related to the tourism industry if you manage to set up an online portal which gives the clients access to services that they need the most then you will gain popularity in no time. With the scarcity of time the more accessible a service is from our office or home the better it is. But not everyone knows the technology in depth and therefore setting up a website might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Axis Softech is there to help you out in this problem.

To go online and make instant money, one needs to have a good knowledge about technology and the latest trends. You need to have a really smooth working API couples with a web application (website+software). As a person not so acquainted with technology, you might not be aware as where to get all these stuff at the best rate. Axis Softech provides you full support and help in this matter. Keeping all the above mentioned problems, Axis Softech has brought in market a product called Axis Safari that is a one time solution to all your problems. You just need to specify your budget and buy a payment gateway that will ensure all the money goes in your bank account. Other than that, Axis Safari takes care of API, web application and every other necessary thing needed to set up the online portal. The whole job can even be finished in three working days and you will be owning a super attractive and user friendly website that will help you fetch money more than you can imagine. In fact using the products designed and developed by Axis Softech till date many travel agents have grown the regular turnover in their business manifold.

There are as many as nine varieties of travel portals and you can choose the one as per your liking. The total setup helps to give you absolute control over the system. The amazing custom design and reporting tool helps you to gather more and more information about your clients and get to know them better thereby helping you make more and more money quickly.

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-travel-agents-make-money-using-axis-softechs-products-raman-kumar

Thursday, February 9, 2017

B2B & B2C White Label Travel Solutions

Many of us have used or using American Express credit card, but very few of us know that the credit card service is not provided by American Express Bank. This service is actually provided by Macy’s but card is provided by the bank. This is an example of white label service.

Why do travel companies go for White Label travel portal? It is generally fully integrated and ready-made, which make branding very easy. As re-sellers they are not concerned about spending time and money on research or development work. It is a perfect choice for travel agents to bargain discounted price from the service provider company. Works of travel agents became easy and comfortable by using the white label solution.  A travel agent could customized it with own logo and theme because it comes without branding and thus you can able to brand your own business.

If you are in travel business and want to increase your business to generate revenue online than go for White Label Travel Portal. It can be helpful to fulfill your needs to online booking of flights, hotels, tours, transfer, etc throughout the world. As a travel agent you could integrate this product with more than one XML to provide your customers numerous choices for selection having admin panel that can manage sale, booking and commissions of your sub agents.

An API gives you the wisdom to online recharge to your customers for major Indian airlines like Air India, Indigo, Vistara etc. just on a click of button with a code which you can add to your existing website code. The Interface Page would permit you to place your orders for various operators for denomination ranging Rs 10 to Rs 5000. The amount would be deducted from your wallet after successful processing of the recharges. On your wallet page, you can view your available balance, commission earned, recharge history and recharge status.

White Label Travel Portal provides online payment gateway in your travel portal website so that customer could make payment through PayUmoney or Paypal or Paytm gateway direct to your account.  You can make payment using credit card or debit card or Net banking.

Benefit for B2B White label Program-

·         Connect with largest B2B online travel portal.
·         Get highest commission.
·         Uninterrupted and hassle-free booking facility of flights, hotels, transfers, etc.
·         Accuracy in fares quotations.
·         Activation of account instantly.
·         Refundable facility of transaction fee.
·         User friendly customized travel portal.
·         Quick Invoicing.

Benefit for B2C White label Program-

·         Customized website according your choice.
·         Online facilities of booking, cancellation, re-scheduling & refunding.
·         Adjustable commission on hotel, flights, holidays and other travel products.
·         Automated credit of commission as soon as ticket is issued.
·         24X7 assistance.
·         Payment gateway solution.
·         Admin panel to control and track booking publish fare on website.

Source: https://axissoftechprivatelimited.wordpress.com/2017/02/10/b2b-b2c-white-label-travel-solutions/

Monday, February 6, 2017

Travel Portal with Flight Booking System Developed By Axissoftech

Airline Reservation System

Airline Reservation system (ARS) very often put many questions in our mind like when, how, where, etc; for this we have to peep in its history. It was in 1952, the first electronic reservation system Magnetronic Reservisor was introduced which included temporary storage based on magnetic drum. Later American Airlines with collaboration of IBM developed an idea of automated airlines system and thus in 1959 Sabre (semi-automated business research environment) was launched and it was completed in1964 and became the largest civil data processing system in the world. Sabre was accessible to agents throughout the world and its capability to keep correct inventory in real time was phenomenal. After the deregulation of Airline Industry in 1978, ARS became more important to travel industry.

Airline Reservation System is an important part of the passenger service systems (PSS) which ultimately developed into computer reservation system (CRS). This system is used by an airline and integrated with a GDS which supports the travel agencies and other distribution channels in taking reservations for most major airlines in a single system. It stores airline schedules; fare tariffs passenger reservations and ticket records. Direct Distribution channel of an airline works in two ways-first for its own reservation system and second for forwarding data to the GDS. The second type of direct distribution channel is for customers who take reservation on internet or on mobile apps. Travel agencies and other indirect distribution channels access the same GDS as access by airline reservation systems.

In pre-deregulation period each airline had its own reservation system with travel agents as subscriber but now, the GDS is run independently and their major subscribers are airlines and travel agencies. There are only four major GDS in market- Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and World span. They provide access on both B2B and B2C platforms and exposure to global inventories of airlines hotels, cars and buses.   Other than these standardized GDS some airlines use proprietary versions to run their flight operation e.g. Deltamatic, etc. SITA reservations system is largest independent multi-host passenger management system having 100 plus airlines in the world. 

Our company Axis Softech develops Airline Reservation Systems working with airlines, GDS system and flight consolidators. The key points of the success of this system are- round the clock availability, multiple displays, maximum user’s engagement and dynamic packing. We have also integrated many GDS, hotel consolidators, cruise consolidators and car consolidators successfully.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Axissoftech Private Limited - One Place for All Travel Portal Solutions

Travel Portal Solutions

Travel industry is growing at a higher rate than ever and it has become Important for travel agencies to come up with an online portal. Axissoftech is one company which is helping clients to get a travel portal developed. Axis Softech was established in 2005 and has been delivering great results since then. At axissoftech.com, clients can go through the products offered by the company. Axis Softech Pvt Ltd has a distinct product called SAFARI which is a custom level product for all needs. Axis Softech private limited is a leading travel technology company. Axissoftech private limited has worked with many reputed clients and 90 travel portals are already sold. Axissoftech is a company with a vision to introduce technology in Indian travel business. Axis Softech believes is providing world class products to their clients. On axissoftech.com, all travel needs are taken care of, which can be seen by the diverse product lineup.

Axis Softech pvt ltd provides 24 hours’ customer support to deal with any kind of problem faced by their clients. Axis Softech private limited has eased online business for many others by harnessing innovativeness. Axissoftech private limited is focused on bringing revolutionary changes in the industry. Axissoftech has products that are flexible according to clients’ budget and needs. One can browse through many multi functional products at axissoftech.com. Axissoftech private limited has a skilled team which knows the dynamics of the business environment and they work hard so that everyone who opts for Axis Softech private limited gets satisfied.