Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How Travel Agents Make Money Using Axis Softech's Travel Products

A huge percentage of modern business is dependent on online marketing today. Most of the business houses from all fields are coming online in an increasing rate day by day. Today, having a smooth working user friendly website is as important as having a magnificent and spectacular office. From grocery to medicine to dress shopping; everything is done online. Similarly, different services are offered online like cab booking, bill payment, movie ticket booking etc that has made our lives easier. But it needs some smart decisions on the company’s part that is conducting the business to set up an online travel portal and get your business to a new height. With all other business fields, travel and tourism industry too is getting online and more so because it gives them a larger platform.

As a travel agent or a business house related to the tourism industry if you manage to set up an online portal which gives the clients access to services that they need the most then you will gain popularity in no time. With the scarcity of time the more accessible a service is from our office or home the better it is. But not everyone knows the technology in depth and therefore setting up a website might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Axis Softech is there to help you out in this problem.

To go online and make instant money, one needs to have a good knowledge about technology and the latest trends. You need to have a really smooth working API couples with a web application (website+software). As a person not so acquainted with technology, you might not be aware as where to get all these stuff at the best rate. Axis Softech provides you full support and help in this matter. Keeping all the above mentioned problems, Axis Softech has brought in market a product called Axis Safari that is a one time solution to all your problems. You just need to specify your budget and buy a payment gateway that will ensure all the money goes in your bank account. Other than that, Axis Safari takes care of API, web application and every other necessary thing needed to set up the online portal. The whole job can even be finished in three working days and you will be owning a super attractive and user friendly website that will help you fetch money more than you can imagine. In fact using the products designed and developed by Axis Softech till date many travel agents have grown the regular turnover in their business manifold.

There are as many as nine varieties of travel portals and you can choose the one as per your liking. The total setup helps to give you absolute control over the system. The amazing custom design and reporting tool helps you to gather more and more information about your clients and get to know them better thereby helping you make more and more money quickly.


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