Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Airline Ticketing Software and Flight Reservation System

Airline Reservation System

We are living in the age of technology; today’s almost all the industries are using the technology to carry out their business. Airline Industry is one of such industries that introduced software technology for reservation of air ticket in early fifties. Online ticketing system has transformed the traditional system of booking ticket through travel agents. The system has been beneficial for travel management companies and users. The automated system has made job easier for travel agents and at the same time providing a lot of options for the users. The introduction of GDS in Airline Industry has transformed the Airline ticketing software. Global Distribution System (GDS) is a network operated by a company that enables automated transaction between travel service providers and travel agencies. Online airline ticketing system backed by GDS including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and travelport.

A World Bank data shows that 3.441billion passengers traveled internationally in 2015 and it is growing further. The growing trend of “passengers take off” is good news for travel companies but at the same time they have to face some challenges such as how to sell maximum number of tickets, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Axis Softech has developed the Air Ticketing Software which is capable to counter the above challenges. Travel agencies use Air Ticketing Software where the customers and sub agencies search and reserve flight deals online. Almost all the airline companies have implemented this either in the form of ARS (airline reservation system) or in connection with GDS system. In ARS, inventory of airlines are not shared to outer sources but GDS system. All flights with their available seats are shown in Airline inventory.

Main features of the Air ticketing Software:

·         An automated airline booking engine with 24x7 support system.
·         A smart and intuitive user-interface
·         Support multiple languages and multiple currencies
·         The process of searching flight and further processing of reservation is very swift
·         E-mail notification regarding booking, cancellation, and flight delayed.
·         Seamless integration with the payment gateway of Airline Company.
·         Mobile-friendly ticket booking system
·         Some of the airline reservation software is accompanied with the feature of social media application, which acts as additional marketing channel for promoting the brand image of the airline company.
·         Appealing banners are available for advertisement purpose.

If you are looking for airline ticketing software with GDS integration or willing to start a travel agency of your own at reasonable cost, come to us, we are always ready to transform your dream in realty.

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