Thursday, December 1, 2016

Get Online Travel Portal with Best Travel Technology Company

The Indian tour and travel industry is the second fastest growing market in the world; it is believed that this industry is set to grow at 12% over the next three years. With the emergence of tour and travel in India, many agencies have started their own online portal to accept bookings of flights, trains, hotels, bus, tour packages etc. The changing trends in market and demand require agencies to innovate and transform. Axissoftech pvt ltd is a company which offers white label travel website development to its clients, with eleven years of experience. Axis softech private limited has innovated and created products which will help travelling agencies to start their own personal online travel portal. At Axis softech private limited, the solutions to all travel business problems are provided. The company has assisted over 1000 clients in its span and facilitated every need of them.
Axissoftech pvt ltd has a wide range of products from which the clients can choose from. They have come up with a specialized product called. SAFARI which includes Axis Safari Hotels, Axis Safari Aero, Axis Safari Standard, Axis Safari Special, Axis Safari Mid, Axis Safari Advance, Axis Safari Ultra, Axis Safari B2B, Axis Safari B2E etc. Axissoftech private limited has combined technology with their experience to develop products that would appeal to every client. The management of Axissoftech pvt ltd is such that they provide 24*7 supports. Their customized range of products is for all those who need to transform their existing business and take it to the next level with the Internet. Axis softech private limited has eased the problem of finding the best API for agents/clients.
Since the year 2005, Axissoftech private limited has been working with established and reputed government and private organizations, providing them technical support for business. The motto of Axis softech pvt ltd has always been to provide social and economic growth to their clients. In the travel industry, Axissoftech private limited has achieved many milestones and eased the way for others. Axis softech pvt ltd is offering integrated products so that their clients can startup their portals in a short period of time. Axissoftech private limited has an experience of working with big leaders like Yatra, Ease my trip, Oberoi, Riya travels, AVIS, etc. Any travel agent or company can get their own online portal at Axis softech pvt ltd.

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